WASZP_X (5.8)

The same WASZP hull and foils with a 5.8m rig and curved wingbars for increased stability and easy capsize recovery.

Target weight: 30-45kgs

Target age: 11-14

WASZP_X (6.9)

The step up from the 5.8m rig in the WASZP_X class with the same curved wingbars, allowing a low-cost upgrade for the sailor (or parent!).

Target weight: 45-65kgs

Target age: 15-18

WASZP (6.9 & 8.2)

The senior class with standard wingbars and a choice of rig depending on sailor weight. Loved by sailors of all ages all over the world!

Target weight: 50-100kgs

Target age: Anything!


The WASZP offers all of the thrill of foiling in an affordable package. The one-design nature of the class means that a brand new boat is instantly competitive without any additional spend or tinker time. Equally, used boats do not get outdated, so a WASZP owner’s investment is protected for future resale and boats on the secondhand market are just as competitive as new boats when properly maintained. There are plenty of four year old boats out there that are still as fast and reliable as they were on day one.


The WASZP’s design puts the sailor’s safety first. The stayless rig means there are no shrouds that could hurt the sailor if they fall forward. Similarly, the foils are deliberately blunt to avoid any injuries from impact and the hull is very buoyant, so if the sailor is struggling with foiling, they can always make it back to shore in low-riding mode.

The WASZP is also extremely durable and can withstand a lot more abuse than other foiling classes, particularly in the beginner stages where capsizes and occasional bumps are common. This is great for the sailor, whose annual spend on repairs and replacement parts is extremely low.

Accessibility is a core value of the WASZP product. Storing and transporting the boat is simple. A new boat arrives in a single wooden box on the customer’s doorstep and can be fully-assembled in a few hours. From then, it can be stored on the trolley wings up or wings down; towed or put on the roof; or packed back into the box and put in a shipping container or airfreight. When it comes to going sailing, rigging takes just 10 minutes from a wings down starting point. The foil system makes launching easy, so the boat can be launched from most clubs with a slipway, beach or dockside. Once on the water, the buoyant hull and inflatable bladders make the boat stable so newcomers to foiling can learn the ropes and larger sailors can comfortably low-ride. The wishbone boom eliminates the risk of being hit on the head and makes crossing the boat easier, whilst the simple control systems and mechanisms are easy to use, understand and maintain. 

This combination of factors makes a WASZP great value-for-money for a massive range of sailor. Add in the established fleets in the UK and worldwide with high-quality, one-design racing and an unparalleled events experience and it becomes easy to see why so many sailors are joining the swarm. 


The WASZP_X offers junior sailors the chance to go foiling in a class that is competitive and offers clear future progression. No other foiling class can do that. The WASZP_X is gaining momentum all around the world as junior sailors look to the Americas Cup and SailGP and see a future of foiling. Together with WASZP’s partnership with SailGP, the pathway is now complete and it is realistic that a sailor could progress from the WASZP_X to the WASZP to SailGP Inspire and beyond to a professional team. The WASZP_X is the place to go for any junior that wants big fleet, foiling racing and is priced to reduce the lifetime spend on the boat for parents. Instead of buying a whole new boat each step of the junior-youth-senior pathway, sailors can move to the next stage of the WASZP pathway with a low-cost sail and mast section package. Even better – mum and dad can also use the boat!

Read more about the WASZP on the manufacturer’s website here.

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