Back at WASZP Uk headquarters, (better known as my dining room table) there has been much action behind the scenes. Primarily the discussions have been how and when we will be getting back on the water.

Ian Walker is doing everything he can to make sailing the safe sport that we can get back to. The Spanish have already got afloat which is encouraging.


A little over eight weeks ago, we were in Hayling having some local training and at that stage, nobody expected the dramatic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic would have. First and foremost, our thoughts go out to the victims, and their grieving families and friends.


After careful consideration, the decision has become clear that our best and safest option is to reschedule the Nationals when we can, hopefully have more certainty with our event planning and provide a safer environment for our athletes, staff, fans and event communities.


Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to coming back better and stronger.



Any members wishing to stand for any role on the team/committee is required to send notification detailing name, sailing club, region, role standing for and a brief description of relevant experience in support of the application to the Class by mid-day on Friday 15th May 2020 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Only those who have paid their membership for 2020 should receive Rep nominations, committee reports or a vote. Every year several roles become available including; Chair, England England North, England South, Wales, Scotland. We may also have Co opted Committee roles to be voted in by the new team.


Nominations info to be distributed prior to the meeting.We will share the nominations with you on the 23rd May and then you can send you vote to the secretary by mid day 22nd May


Reports will be sent to the participants on the same day as the meeting, issued at 10am, any items you wish to raise can be added to the Agenda please also sent to the secretary by 5pm on the Wednesday 27th May.


The Meeting to be held on Thursday the 28th May 8.15pm. Paid members will be emailed the Zoom link which will be the platform. All team reports will be given to the members on 22nd May.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Many thanks




Roles in the WASZP Class



Managing the WASZP team and class association

* Ensure the constitution is upheld

* Prepare meeting agendas

* Ensure that any subcommittees are formed, chaired and report to main committee 

* Propose temporary subcommittees to address specific issues

* Ensure that proposals receive proper consideration and that if voting necessary that it is done in line with constitution

* Chair quarterly management teleconferences

* Chair WASZP UK Annual Genral Meeting

* Be the “public face” of the class to the following stakeholders: WASZP membership, and RYA.



Honorary Secretary

The Secretary role is outlined in the constitution at a key manager of the team.


Regional Sailing Officers

Manage the class sailing events and report to the secretary

Responsible for the development of a varied event programme to improve WASZP delivery (in terms of member value and sailor development)

* Overall planning, management & delivery for GP Events including: * Venue selection, booking and coordination

* Budgets

* Ensuring full event team in place including:* PRO at the club, ie David Campbell -James; WPNSA, Mike Haynes; Rutland, Peter Saxton Grafam.

* Results

* Prizes (working alongside the Prizes sponsor co-ordinator)

  • Working alongside the Secretary to ensure all WASZP event/safety documentation is kept updated and relevant

* Work with the Sailing clubs event/safety documentation is kept updated and relevant

* Liaise with relevant safety fleet to ensure they have appropriate qualifications (as required)

* Report any near miss/incidents to the Secretary, and Chair as soon as practically possible * Assist with the resolution of any disputes/protest relating to safety fleet

Essential: practical sailing experience, experience of being involved in safety fleets and good knowledge of sailing rules



The class receives income from various sources as follows:

Membership fee, entry fees for events, contributions to training. These are nearly all paid via PayPal and “MyClubAdmin”. International entrants to events pay by Paypal or direct to the club.




Training Officer

To manage the WASZP UK training programme

Oversea the Training & Development for the Class.

Areas of responsibility:

* Ensure all relevant training policies and procedures are kept up to date and processes are in place to ensure they are adhered to

* Support the Regional Representatives to ensure that they can deliver regional training opportunities

* Liaise with the RYA training

* Work with the regions/clubs to ensure promotion of WASZP within regions

* Develop and set up a programme of open training opportunities for sailors of all levels

* Develop transitional opportunities for sailing for new sailors entering the class.


Founder and distributer Officer


* Coordinating Brand

* Coordinating Sponsorship

* Organise Dinghy Show presence

* Coordinating PR with the support of class secretary

  • Coordinating production of Marketing Materials,
  • Support content of Newsletters