The Government has published an action plan to contain the possible spread of the virus. 

This advises:

That there’s presently no rationale to close or cancel sporting events, but this may change as the situation evolves.

Anyone with flu-like symptoms should avoid the risk of spreading their infection, whatever that infection may be, by staying at home and recovering.

For those hosting sporting events, whatever their size, attendees and participants should stay up to date on the government’s latest advice on how to avoid catching or spreading the virus.

As the situation progresses we might advise the frail, elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions to stay away from gatherings as part of general advice aimed at minimising unnecessary contact with others.

For those travelling to sporting events overseas, the Foreign Office’s travel advice should be followed and travellers should note that apart from the countries and territories named in that advice, the government isn’t presently advising against travel to anywhere else.

For those who offer community and leisure services, such as running a local football team or running a gym, hand hygiene should be strongly promoted and encouraged and equipment and facilities should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down as usual following use. The government is planning to publish specific advice on this shortly. Please use hand gels. 

There’s presently no reason people should stop doing their daily sport and physical activities as they normally would.

As you are well aware, guidance may change in response to events, so please keep a close eye out for further advice.


The risk level is currently identified as moderate. Please use the following for information and advice, not social media:


How likely are you to catch the virus?

  • you can only catch it if you have been close to a person who has the virus
  • the chance of being in contact with the virus is currently low in the UK
  • if you have travelled to areas where many people are infected, your chance of catching the virus is higher, i.e. China, Northern Italy, Iran and any affected areas


Reducing risk of exposure:

All should

·      know how to spot symptoms of the virus and watch for these in yourselves and your colleagues

·      wash your hands for 20 seconds with hot water and soap more than regularly

·      use tissues to blow your nose and make sure these are binned

·      try not to touch your nose, eyes and mouth

·      make sure your contact numbers and emergency contact details held by P&D are up to date

·       if you start to feel unwell or develop any symptoms, you should contact NHS 111 for advice.  Do not come to an event and avoid public transport

·       if someone you have had contact with is medically diagnosed, stay at home.



·       If you are planning to travel to an area that is not included in the category 1 or 2 areas/countries specified as having implications for travellers returning to the UK (see there is nothing particular you need to do on your return to this country. You need to check the specified countries regularly.