Dear WASZPers,
I am very much looking forward to getting the class training ahead.
I hope that we can all gain from spending time in each others company and that
in some sense I can help to facilitate your own learning by creating an
environment that allows you all to develop your skills whilst enjoying your
sailing and socials.
My thoughts for the weekend based on previous experience and the weather
forecast, apart from bring your waterproofs and wooly jumpers are below:
Weekend coaching schedule:
AIM: Handling Skills Practice/ Slalom Racing.
0930 Workshop
1100 Water Session
1230 Lunch??
1530 Hit the Beach
1630 Summarize Day
1700 Depart
Aim: Course Based Starting /Decision Making
0930 Briefing
1100 OTW
1430 Hit the Beach
1530 Summarize Weekend
1630 Depart
There seems to be some debate on the weather models about when the front is
going to pass but current modeling shows Saturday looking like the better of the
two. I hope to make the most of the two days and am keen to be productive.
The two days will have separate areas for discussion and your personal goals for
the days can hopefully be inline with these:
PLAN B; Not that I am a fan of plan b but if needs must I thought a collective sit
down to produce a document that is in the form of a tuning guide would be good.
There are a couple online that I know of that are very in depth that we could
cover if we get stuck for answers.
Hope that this helps
See you at the weekend.
Best Regards