WASZP is determined to control the strict one-design nature of the WASZP meaning that every boat has the same performance. Of course, there is slight tolerance for personal preference on systems however these are still tight and articulated in the Class Rules. As per the Perth WASZP Games, we will be performing equipment checks on the boats at the European Championships. We have attached the Equipment check form so you can make your customers aware of how your boat must be presented. This is incredibly important for the integrity of the class.


WASZP Measurement Form







WASZP Hull Markings per Class rule B3



Wand Restrictor attachment point is no further aft than 500mm from the bow per D.9.2



Wand Shaft & Paddle have not been faired, smoothed or modified except for Modification allowed in D.9.2



If a block or cleat has been added to adjust wand elastic, this block is fixed within 150mm of the centreline of the hull per D.9.2



No new cleats or blocks have been added to the hull to increase purchase of control lines per D.3.1



Any Replacement fittings have been fitted in the same position as the original fitting or as close as is structurally possible per D.3.1



Wing Bar supports have not been modified to increase the height of the wings per D.4.2



Mainsheet bridle is attached at all 3 points per D.7.4



Centreplate Case has not been modified e.g. New holes drilled



Ride Height Adjuster is Manufacturer Original Equipment per D.9.2






The alloy surfaces of the foils have not been rubbed down per D.5.2



Foil Joiner bolts have the same specification as the Original Equipment e.g. These cannot fill the void more than the supplied bolt and must be of the same material per D.5.1



The join between the flap and main section of the horizontal foils has not been filled per D.5.2



The void where the bolt attaches the horizontal foil to the vertical foil has not been filled per D.5.2



The gap between the horizontal and vertical foils has not been filled per D.5.2



If wing tips have been rubbed down this has only been done within 5mm of the trailing or leading edge and has not changed the existing shape per D.5.2



If a repair has been undertaken, the repair area is not greater than 10 Square centre metres per D.5.2






WASZP Original Equipment marking on Mast and Sails per D.7.1



Sail Numbers and country flag or country letters have been affixed in the correct position as per Appendices A.1.1



Sail Battens have not been changed or modified in any way e.g. Stiffened per D.8.2



Any repairs to Sail have not been done to modify the shape per D.8.2






Outhaul and Cunningham systems have been used as per Class diagrams e.g. Middle Cleat used for Outhaul & Side cleats for Cunningham per D.7.4



Only 1X Triple block and 1X Double block for Cunningham



Maximum 2X Triple blocks for Outhaul per D.7.3