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What a fantastic training weekend!

Storm Calum didn't stop the WASZP training this weekend. The sailors gathered with Rory Hunter (from the WASZP European Podium) for some "back to basics" to refine their foiling technique. They covered finding the "sweet spot" of foiling when you feel over powered how you can use the righting moment to sail the boat to it's best advantage.

As the wind increased the sailors could tell how much they had learned as they were foiling at much higher gusts and even attempted some foiling gybes.

Later ashore as the wind filled in, we looked at the WASZP gearing and how to set up the foils. We all felt that we had a much better understanding of how the boat worked.

There were other WASZP sailors to be found at WPNSA who were doing another sailing event but they all got together to discuss foiling and try and persuade their friends to follow suit.

You must come to the next event at Rutland in November 17-18th and join in with some informal chase racing. This is suitable at all levels of sailor and Max Todd our coach who was 2nd at the WASZP Nationals will be there to give everyone top tips and support. There is plenty of accommodation at RWSC. We look forward to seeing you there!