I have just returned from Waszp Open Meeting and still buzzing! Firstly, big thanks to Duncan of Sailfast UK for upgrading and setting up my boat, after which it was sweet to sail, and gave me my first real sail of this great foiling boat. Secondly, thanks to the great fleet that made me feel welcome and gave me much needed advice and help; a great bunch, some of whom were 3 times younger than myself, and others were closer to my age, with the girls making a large contingent of the fleet.

So, my first racing - 9 boat,15-25kts of wind and waves. I set off thinking 'if they can do it so can I'. I can honestly say in these two days sailing I have not had so much fun, so many dramatic capsizes and progressed so much. The best thing is that it's a totally new affordable challenge and I know the class will help me to reach my potential. I have sailed lasers, RS800’s and a some 49'ers, but it's great to think that rather than sticking with what I know, I now have a whole new world of sailing adventures ahead! :-)

by Stuart Swan