It was a combined event for the Moth and Waszp at Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. It was a light wind forecast for the weekend.

Victoria Payne took the lead after the windward mark being chased by Rachel Jenkins, followed Sean Purdy. Light winds meant the Waszp sailors who started 3 minutes after the Moths were catching the back of the moth fleet in this low riding day. Stuart Appleby was sat at the window at home watching the race while looking after his new baby. With an 1 mile windward mark and 2 laps, the course was a are longer than the Waszps are used to and it gave them an opportunity to experience some race angles demonstrated by the moth fleet and enjoy the Portland harbour in the sun.

Victoria Payne pulled out quite a lead of half a leg an took the bullet for  the one race of the day. As the wind dropped many of the fleet were taken in with the RIBs.

Five races and an early start were planned for the Sunday and the morning’s extra breeze brought Stuart Appleby and new waszp sailor Rory Hunter out to play. All the Waszps racked up on their start line and were off on the B of the bang. Rory and Stuart had some exciting battles at the front of the fleet, with Victoria taking a third.

The wind increased for race three with Stuart and Rory leading the fleet and Waszp Queen Rachel coming third. Victoria struggled with being overpowered and went in for an early cup of tea. Sean took fourth.

Race four Rory and Stuart who had an excellent race again with the new comer showing he had some great pace. Rory took the bullet, closely followed by Stuart with Rachel in third.

The final fifth race was left to Stuart and Rory. Rory was looking as if he had the in the bag and then he capsized with two boat lengths before the finish line attempting a jibe allowing Stuart to take the win.


1st Stuart Appleby

2nd Rory Hunter

3rd Rachel Jenkins

4th Victoria Payne

5th Sean Purdy