The Waszps were at Rutland over the weekend to get together for some sailing and socialising.

Snow was falling on the Saturday morning but the low winters sun shone through. It was an informal gathering with an age race of 16-40+ years. The wind was quite blustery and there was quite a spread of ability. We ran some windward leeward sprint racing, one lap only finishing down wind this kept everyone together and some exciting sailing was had by all. Stuart Appleby and Max Todd were having a an exciting battle at the front. Unfortunately Graham Priestly hit the water hard and got a cracked rib. Harry Pulford, Dan Welbourn, Sam Sparks and Steve Tylecote were taking on some challenging moves in the gusts and by the end of the weekend the start line was looking very impressive. Most of the sailors and some of their Mum's had a catchup on the Saturday night to defrost at the pub and swap foiling strategy and plan for the Nationals that will be taking place in Rutland next May.
With the start after start, they were mostly foiling all over the start line towards the end of the Sunday. There was a fair amount of swimming which added to the fun. Marcus Payne  ran the racing and charmed all the mums in the RIB. Then it was time for everyone set off home to various parts of the Uk Many people had traveled quite a distance just to get out together and have some fun waszp sailing.