The Pacific Games Grand Prix in Diam 24 becomes the Flying Pacific Games! This new regatta is open to Moth Foil, OneFly, Waszp and Windfoil classes. Diam24s will also be admitted.

The runners will be free to organize their own travel as well as their accommodation. Nevertheless, the organization will offer advantageous packages for hotel accommodation and air transport on the sponsoring company Air Tahiti Nui. Price upon request. Note that there is also the possibility of inviting guests who will benefit from the same price advantages on accommodation and transport.
Next November (21-28), we will organise the first edition of Flying Pacifique des Jeux. A regatta opened to Waszp, Moth foil and Onefly. 
We thought it would be great to have UK Waszpers too! 
The notice of race is attached. If you need any info, let us know! Otherwise, you can go to our website www.flying-pacifiquedesjeux.com 

The Official class rules can be downloaded here: https://www.waszp.com/class-rules

Hi there WASZPs
Some of our English sailors have been able to get out on the water and we are hoping that our Scotish and Welsh will be able to have the oppoitunity too soon.
We have had all our nominations for the new WASZP UK team that will come into effect after the AGM. As each each role has a person allocated we see no reason to go to a vote, however if you have an objections to any of the below please can you email the secretary.
We would also like to extend out thanks to the leaving WASZP team who have suported the class with passion and energy. Max Todd especally as he has acted as not only the chair but as Class Coach. He extraordinary efforts have helped us grow and develop in both numbers and ability. 
Chairman Sam Whaley
Secretary Honorary Secretary Victoria Payne
Manufactures rep / founder Duncan Hepplewhite / Sailingfast
Regional reps
England Ed Higson
S England Ross Banham
N England Joe Pester
Wales Zac Blomerley
Scotland Keith Bedburough
Due to the circumstances of the current situation we will be holding a meeting on Zoom rather than the usual Nationals. If any voting needs to be done you will need to be a paid member to have your vote. Votes are to be sent to the secretary in this case to be counted. All WASZP owners are invited to the meeting.
Join Zoom AGM Meeting 18.45 Thursday 28th May
Meeting ID: 437 507 5780
Password: waszp20
If you have any questions that you want answering please can you email them to Victoria before the meeting so we can add them to the Agenda.
Chair meeting, Max Todd
Taking minutes, Secretary
Apologies for absence.
Chair report
Training report
Distributer report
Secretary with finance report
Matters arising

Back at WASZP Uk headquarters, (better known as my dining room table) there has been much action behind the scenes. Primarily the discussions have been how and when we will be getting back on the water.